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In 1991 Michael and Shira Pomeranz made Aliya with their two young children. Michael, in his previous life, had worked as a police officer, under-cover narcotics agent with the police force, and later a fireman and assistant to the fire chief. For a while Michael then worked for a Jewish bookstore in the U.S., which assisted in his education and transformation to the mild-mannered book seller we all know today.

Michael also played college highschool and college football, and while a fireman, was a gold medal winner in the fireman's Olympics for powerlifting. All this hidden under the skin of a shy yid. Who would have known?

In Israel, Michael and Shira raised their 5 children.

Their goal is to put the right book in the hands of the right customer. At this, Michael is a wiz. Michael knows his books and he knows his customers. Michael has an amazing memory for faces and names and his books. He also has an amazing memory for sports and geography and history trivia, besides being politically in tune. This makes Michael an exceptionally interesting person to meet and speak with.

At Pomeranz Bookseller we take personal interest in each customer. We feel that the books we sell are exceptional. Michael takes great care in selecting the range of books that we carry. We try to give a broad view of Torah Judaism, Israel,and whatever touches on it.

In our shop you will often find books related to health, travel and education. We feel that these subjects also have a lot to do with the world and the bodies that God has given us to take care of and enjoy.

We started our shop in order to make our small impact on Israel and the Jewish people. To this end we provide a venue for Jewish classes and study, book launches, and speakers.

We want to provide you, our customers, with the best service and fair pricing. If you have any questions you can email or call us. You will not get a recorded message, but rather you will get either Michael, or me personally answering your inquires.

In that vein, excuse us if we err, we are only human.

Our Address is Be'eri 5, Jerusalem, Israel 91201

Our Phone number is 972-2-623-5559

We are the small street, a continuation of Hillel street, between King George (the Old Knesset is on the corner) and Shmuel HaNagid (Pizza store is on the corner).

If you are standing in the small park near Hamashbir on King George, (King George being the base of the triangular park), and you are looking towards the apex of the park (Where Ben Yehuda meets Shmuel HaNagid), then we are on the left side of the triangle.

Our Shop Hours are: Sunday through Thursday 9:00am - 7:30:00pm

Friday and Holidays 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Shipping is through the Israeli Postal Service

Surface takes approximately 5 - 10 weeks

Air is approximately 6 - 14 days

EMS generally up to 5 days