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Wicked Son (The)
Wicked Son (The)
Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred, And The Jews


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From the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, filmmaker, essayist, and novelist, here is a scathing look at one of the most destructive and tenacious forces in contemporary life.

As might be expected from this fiercely provocative writer, David Mamet’s interest in anti-Semitism is not limited to the modern face of an ancient hatred, but encompasses as well the ways in which many Jews have internalized that hatred. Using the metaphor of the Wicked Son at the Passover seder—the child who asks, “What does this story mean to you?”—Mamet confronts what he sees as an insidious predilection among some Jews to seek truth and meaning anywhere—in other religions, in political movements, in mindless entertainment—but in Judaism itself. At the same time, he explores the ways that Jews have long been and still remain wicked sons in the eyes of the world. Written with the searing honesty and verbal brilliance that is the hallmark of Mamet’s work, The Wicked Son is a powerfully thought-provoking and important book