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Tribal Lands
Tribal Lands
The Twelve Tribes of Israel in Their Ancestral Territories

Author:Tamar Weissman

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Number of Pages:348

Hard Cover

The twelve sons of Jacob were each granted a territorial allotment, or nahalah, in the Land of Israel for their descendants. Was there some essential connection between the individual natures of the tribes and the territory each called its own?Tribal Lands presents a new way of thinking about - and experiencing - the interplay of text and land. Many tour Israel with Bible in hand, but to tour with a deeper understanding of tribal character, and how that character was realized by the contours of its lands, is a rich experience for the serious Bible student. Rise, and walk the land - not just casually, to see the sites, but to sense, and even to participate in, the unfolding of tribal destiny within the twelve nahalot.