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Spports Stories As a Game Plan For Spiritual Success

Author:Dov Moshe Lipman

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Number of Pages:175


"Time-Out" appeals to the sports fanatic who wonders what "Torah" can offer him, the "Torah" scholar who questions whether sports can teach positive lessons, and everyone in-between. Whether it's learning about consistency from Cal Ripken, Jr, developing a work ethic from Michael Jordan, or striving to reach beyond your potential from the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, each chapter keeps you at the edge of your seat cheering for the "Torah" concept with no less enthusiasm than for the against-all-odds touchdown. Every entry is a winner and each one conveys a priceless lesson in an unforgettable metaphor. Time-out is a book of real sports stories from which lessons of life have been culled and serve to increase one's observance of Torah. In an interesting and informative manner we are inspired to a better understanding of religion and spiritual growth. With a haskama by Rabbi Zev Leff and a Forward by Rabbi Hanock Teller