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Existence And Unity Of God (The)
Existence And Unity Of God (The)
Three Treatises Attributed To Moses Maimonides

Author:Fred Rosner
Jason Aronson Publishers

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No Jewish thinker has exercised as significant an influence in his own and subsequent generations as Moses Maimonides, the Rambam. Dr. Fred Rosner, a leading Maimonidean scholar, introduces and translates three treatises long attributed to the Rambam - and argues convincingly that two of them are spurious.

...Dr. Rosner deserves our gratitude not only for maing these works available to a popular audience but also because his efforts will surely serve as an impetus for further scholarly investigations by students of Jewish philosophy. - Rabbi J. David Bleich

... His works is always a pleasure to read. More important, his footnotes help the reader by pointing to original sourse material and by illuminating difficult passages. - Aaron D. Twerski