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One Family Two Faiths and a Journey of Hope

Author:Harold and Gayle Berman

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Number of Pages:249


It truly was love at first sight even though Gayle was the Minister of Music in a Texas mega-church and Harold was a secular Jew from New York. Fate brought them together. But destiny had something else in mind. From the Bible Belt to northernmost Russia to the heart of the Jewish world, Doublelife is really about the journey within, to discover who we are and who we are meant to be. Written as a series of letters to each other, Doublelife allows the reader to eavesdrop on the conversation as it unfolds. At once funny, heartrending, and inspirational, Doublelife is a true story of finding love, transforming the spirit, and overcoming what life sends you against seemingly insurmountable odds. An emotion-packed journey of the heart that is as eloquent as it is honest, Doublelife is a book for all who are spiritual seekers, whatever their tradition, and for all who yearn for a story about the human potential for transformation and the power of persistence.