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Book Of Jewish Customs (The)
Book Of Jewish Customs (The)
Author:Harvey Lutske

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Number of Pages:392

Hard Cover


Have you ever wondered why the groom breaks a glass at a Jewish wedding? Did you know that a traditional Jewish funeral requires a coffin made of plain wood with no nails? Are you curious as to why, in a Jewish house of mourning, the mirrors are usually covered? Do you know why a six-pointed star is considered a "Jewish star"? These and hundreds of other Jewish customs, practices, expressions, and symbols are explained and explored in Harvey Lutske's delightful volume, The Book of Jewish Customs.

Why do Jewish men often wear headcoverings? What is the significance of the sidecurls grown by many pious Jews? Did you know that Star Trek's Mr. Spock displayed a hand sign that has been used by Jews for centuries? Have you ever heard someone say "pooh pooh pooh" and wondered what it meant?

The Book of Jewish Customs is a charming often funny, always informative volume, rich with history and filled with ideas. Harvey Lutske has combed the literature, from the Bible and the Talmud through contemporary sources, to discover the meaning and reasons behind common Jewish folkways that we often are familiar with but whose origins we may not know.

About the Author
Harvey Lutske is currently an Investigator for the Office of the City Attorney in Los Angeles. His writings have appeared in both American and Canadian magazines, as well as the Op-Ed pages of the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.