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Abravanel's World of Torah: Bereshit
Abravanel's World of Torah: Bereshit
Author:Zev Bar Eitan

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Number of Pages:541

Hard Cover

Abravanel’s World of Torah - an enticingly innovative, thoroughly loyal rendition of major classic. The first time Abravanel’s Bible commentary has become accessible…in ENGLISH. * Excellent guide & companion to Hebrew original * * Abravanel (1437-1508) – the multi-talented Renaissance man * * Abravanel intersperses mini-essays, midsize discourses or full-blown exposés. * How does God operate in His universe? * The nature and function of angels * Nature of man * How does Judaism set Jews apart? An indispensable commentary that tackles issues which niggle the minds of all Bible scholars and students. Talking snakes Kayin’s fratricide Noach & the flood civilization The Patriarchs’ lives…and more