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A Song of Ascents
A Song of Ascents
The Bnei David Haggadah

Author:Eliezer Sadan

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Number of Pages:276

Hard Cover

This is the new Haggada we are taking to our Seder table Pesach 2012. It is written by Rabbi Eliezer Sadan, an outstanding Torah and Talmud scholar, educator and IDF commander who realized that Israel's future depended on nurturing a generation that was committed to Torah study and service of the Jewish People. He founded Bnei David, which has pre-army Yeshiva, and post army programs. He also established over 36 pre-army mechina institutes, geared towared both secular and religious youth, promoting Jewish and Zionist ideals. Rabbi Sadan's commentary incorporates his own learning from Rav Avraham Yitzcha HaCohen Kook, Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook and the teachings of the Maharal.